Welcome to THE VB20 Training Club by me, Johannes. Director of the The VB20. 
How to run a 185K Ultra Race and recover like a pro with Visionbody EMS. Ultra Racer Johannes explains his EMS secrets and training routine.
The best 5-15min fat loss circuits straight from our Visionbody Training Headquarter!
Sonne rein, Alltag raus! Das Visionbody EMS Trainingsevent vom 5.4. bis 9.4.2021 live aus dem Robinson Club Cala Serena!
Get started the right way!
How to put the Visionbody PowerSuit on!
In dieser Ausgabe erzählen wir dir alles über unsere BASIC Programme und wie dir dein bester Start mit Visionbody EMS gelingt!
How to get started with Visionbody "BASIC Program"
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The VB20 Training Club