In dieser Ausgabe erzählen wir dir alles über unsere BASIC Programme und wie dir dein bester Start mit Visionbody EMS gelingt!
How to get started with Visionbody "BASIC Program"
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The best 5-15min fat loss circuits straight from our Visionbody Training Headquarter!
Get started the right way!
This is the secret training method that works 100% ...and of cause why it works!
Sonne rein, Alltag raus! Das Visionbody EMS Trainingsevent vom 5.4. bis 9.4.2021 live aus dem Robinson Club Cala Serena!
How to run a 185K Ultra Race and recover like a pro with Visionbody EMS. Ultra Racer Johannes explains his EMS secrets and training routine.
Nutrition Challenge, Live on Zoom & How to lose weight with EMS!
This workout method will transform your body with only a few minutes of work throughout the day. PLUS: 30min Free Zoom Teaching of this method (in…
A Video-Interview with the Head of Training & Education, Johannes Knabe (in german)
Your 12min Super Training. Boosted with the Visionbody EMS effect!